Dear FEVI friends, this past year has been of great blessings for the kids we serve in Lumbisi, Tonsupa, Huasalata, and other places in Ecuador. We thank you for your presence in our projects, your love, your work, your ideas, your letters, your generosity. 
This past year 2009 we have received in our projects 40 international volunteers from Mexico, the United States, Canada, United Kingdon, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Korea. We have also received in our projects about 50 Ecuadorian volunteers. In Lumbisi we have been able to construct a new classroom. It was intended to be a play room but now because we increased our service from 40 kids to 60 kids it is being used as a new classroom. It looks prescious, and our new teacher Jaime has also been able to set a small corner for puppet shows for our little kids. 
We have new sidewalks, with the help of the mothers of the kids, the teachers, and our volunteers, and friends who contribute for the construction materials. We have been able to pave the sidewalks and make them safer for our little kids. We have also constructed the back wall of the school so that we can make it a safer place.
Our afternoon school is going very well. Our University of Illinois students run the school. We have about 30 kids attending English lessons, and getting help with homework.
Our organic gardens in Lumbisi look prescious! We collect fresh tomatoes, cabbage, fresh herbs, onions, for the elderly people and the kids in the community. Thanks so much for the hard work of the mothers in the community, Ecuadorian and international volunteers.
In Tonsupa, with the help of our summer volunteers, we painted the Gonzalo Pizarro school and we also distributed clothes, toys, toothbrushes and toothpaste to the families and kids in the community.
In Huasalata we did a tooth brushing campaing for the mothers and kids in the community. Our University of Illinois students collected toothbrushes and toothpast and we taught the kids how to use them.
We are still dreaming of the library for the kids in the Lumbisi community, a new playgound for the school in Tonsupa, and we would like to start organic gardening in the Huasalata community. We will again have a summer camp for the kids in the Lumbisi community. We will be doing Art projects, English, Sports, Music, cooking, dancing, playing. We are planning to have the Huasalata and the Tonsupa kids in a visit to Quito so that they can join our Lumbisi summer camp.
Thanks again for always thinking of us. Maria 


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