Working On The Pre School Fence In Lumbisí


This past Saturday we have continued our work on the pre school fence. The mothers of the kids and volunteers work in the construction of the school fence for the safety of our kids who will be attending our new center. We will also soon have the water sewage for bathrooms and the kitchen. We plan to open our Lumbisi child care center on April 2008. We thank the families who have contributed financially for the completion of the pre school construction. And we thank the mothers for their fund raising effort, selling used clothes and performing raffles in order to get the funds for their kids pre school.


The Fence And The Playground


The mothers and Fundacion FEVI staff are raising funds for the construction of the school fence and playground, so that we can finally open our little school to our prescious kids.

We are making a big effort to finish our little school. Once we have the fence and the water system our Lumbisi kids will be able to enjoy their new pre school.
We thank eveybody who has contributed to the completion of this lovely school.
We thank the kids, as they are our main motivation, the mothers of the kids, the Lumbisi community, our local and international volunteers, the Rotary Club, and our solidary, private donors. 




We rented a van, put all the donations inside and traveled to visit our kids in the school in Huasalata. 50 lovely kids and their families enjoyed recycled teddy bears, toys, blankets, school supplies, clothes, soap, toothpaste and many more treasures donated by our local community. We thank you all for making this love and peace trip possible.

The kids and volunteers singing and dancing was incredible!