Ivy Hall School Meets With Kids In Lumbisí And Tonsupa


What a blesssing for the families in Lumbisi and Tonsupa! Our friends from Ivy Hall School in Utah came to spend one week with the kids and their families in these two communities. What a blessing for Ivy Hall kids and their families!
We thank their teacher, Lauren, for making this visit a gracefull reality! 


Painting The Lunch Room In Lumbisí…


We spent one morning with the mothers and the kids in Lumbisi, painting the lunch room, cleaning the yard for their new playground, delivering school supplies and clothes for the kids… Happy mothers and kids everywhere…
Thanks to the ladies and the kids from Ivy Hall who painted the lunch room in such a short time! 


The Bathdroon In The Village


A hole in the ground, some bricks, some cement, some bamboo… Loving hands… That is all it takes…
We learned some kids need to go to the forest because there is no bathroom next to their bamboo home… Well, that was until our friends came to visit them…
Our thanks to all the people in the construction team! 


The Kitchen


The little bamboo room had fallen with the heavy rain…
The family rebuilt it, but had no space to cook… The two beds filled their room… We built a cooking space for them…